Our new special report is out. It shed light on the collective impact achieved and on the concrete changes that have contributed to improving the lives of the most in need.

© Cartier Philanthropy / Cyril Le Tourneur

We’re thrilled to share with you the special report we produced to celebrate 10 years of Cartier Philanthropy: A decade of effective philanthropy.

Ten years ago, Cartier Philanthropy was founded to help build a world in which everyone can realise their potential. Over the past decade, we’ve focused on the most fragile places on Earth, challenging in particular the inequalities that keep people in poverty.

In collaboration with our partners, we have tried to address these inequalities relentlessly, whether linked to gender, access to essential services or lack of material and social resources.

This special report sheds light on the impact we have achieved together and on the concrete changes that have contributed to improving the lives of those most in need.

It also shares some of the most important lessons we have learned along the way, helping us to become a better, more effective, accountable, and collaborative foundation.

Achieving an inclusive, equitable and safer society that offers everyone a chance to live a fulfilling life remains a moral imperative and the challenge of our time. Our commitment to get there is unchanged, as is our ambition to scale the interventions that work to match the level of need.

Report highlights

Check out the video below, before browsing our special report on a decade of effective philanthropy.