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Togo is among the world’s poorest countries. Most development aid to Togo was suspended in 1994 due to political violence and serious human rights abuses. As a result, the country has sunk into deep poverty. Only since 2007 has the international donor community reengaged with Togo and the country is now slowly emerging from years of political and economic stagnation. Significant institutional and economic challenges remain. Lack of basic infrastructure, inadequate healthcare and a low level of education are all major challenges for future development. Three-quarters of the Togolese population are under 35, with particularly high unemployment and underemployment rates (3% and 35% respectively). Northern Togo faced the worst floods in the past decade in 2007, 2008 and 2010. (Sources: UNICEF 2017; UNDP 2018; UNAIDS 2017; World Bank 2017)

total population (thousands)
GNI per capita
Life expectancy at birth
60 years
Human Development Index
165 (out of 189)
Under-5 mortality rate
Primary school net enrolment
Adult HIV prevalence (% of the population)
People of all ages living with HIV (thousands)
improved access to safe water (% of the population)
moderate-severe underweight (% children under-5)

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