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Straddling the Equator on the western coast of Africa, Cameroon is extremely diverse in its geography and climate, ranging from Sahelian semi-desert in the north through grassland to equatorial forest in the south. This diversity favours varied economic activities although 53.3% of the population actually depends on agriculture and pastoral activities for their livelihood. More than 29% of the country’s 23 million people live below the poverty line and economic growth, although improving, is still too low to address poverty and development needs. Fragile political and security conditions in neighbouring countries have also significantly affected the country in recent decades. Since 2005, refugees have flooded in from the Central African Republic, Chad and, more recently, Nigeria. Cameroon has one of the highest literacy rates in Africa. However, the country’s progress is hampered by a level of corruption that is among the highest in the world.(Sources: UNICEF 2016; UNDP 2016)

total population (thousands)
GNI per capita
Life expectancy at birth
56 years
Human Development Index
153 (out of 188)
Under-5 mortality rate
Primary school net enrolment
Adult HIV prevalence (% of the population)
People of all ages living with HIV (thousands)
improved access to safe water (% of the population)
moderate-severe underweight (% children under-5)

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