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Tanzania is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, with annual GDP growth running at close to 7% since 2000. However, widespread poverty persists. Almost half of Tanzania’s population lives on less than $1.90 per day. High population growth and low productivity in labour-intensive sectors like agriculture, which employs 75% of the population, limit broad-based economic growth. In addition, the effects of global heating are deepening agriculture’s vulnerability to disasters.
Tanzanian women and girls remain among the most marginalized citizens in sub-Saharan Africa. In July 2019, the legal age of marriage for girls was changed from 14 to 18 - the same age as for boys and in line with international human rights recommendations.

total population (thousands)
GNI per capita
Life expectancy at birth
66 years
Human Development Index
154 (out of 189)
Under-5 mortality rate
Primary school net enrolment
Adult HIV prevalence (% of the population)
People of all ages living with HIV (thousands)
improved access to safe water (% of the population)
moderate-severe underweight (% children under-5)

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