Cartier Philanthropy - Unlocking the potential of Moroccan youth

Unlocking the potential of Moroccan youth


Global unemployment is one of the biggest challenges of our time, with youth unemployment a particular concern since it has devastating consequences for society as a whole. In Morocco, four out of five unemployed people are aged between 15 and 34. And amazingly, the more time young people spend in education, the less their chances of finding a job despite the country’s presently unmet demand for skilled labour. There is an evident “mismatch” between the needs of many employers and the skills of young graduates. We are supporting Education for Employment to address this by improving the work-readiness and employability of over 430 young Moroccans, together with their chances of obtaining high-demand jobs and securing decent livelihoods.

Focus area
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Education for Employment


Morocco’s development has been impressive in recent years, driven by a growing manufacturing sector, foreign direct investment and stronger links with sub-Saharan Africa.
Despite these achievements, one in four young Moroccans is unemployed, two-thirds of which for an average of two years and eight months. The ratio increases worryingly when considering young women, with their participation in the workforce being the fifth lowest in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
 A social and economic disconnect between skills, jobs, and opportunities is at the root of this high youth unemployment. The public education system is not preparing young people adequately with the soft, technical and digital skills required for the jobs that need filling. Most worrying perhaps, graduate motivation does not match the country’s highly demanding and increasingly mobile labour market.


We are supporting Education for Employment (EFE) to provide over 430 young Moroccans (half of them women) with the right skills to improve their work-readiness and obtain high-demand jobs, securing liveable incomes and livelihoods.

Benefiting from a blend of online and in-class demand-driven trainings, these graduates will have the opportunity to access specific job placement skills programmes, learning essential soft skills (communications, teamwork, and leadership) and client-focused perspectives (direct sales and marketing, negotiation and merchandising).

Within six months of graduation from EFE trainings, EFE helps young trainees to transition successfully from education into a job, connecting them with concrete job opportunities in a wide range of industries, including technology, retail sales, construction, and nursing, to name just a few.

Expected results

  • 389 young Moroccans improve their employability skills through an online learning platform and 210 improve their soft and/or technical skills through in-classroom trainings.
  • 232 graduates find a full-time job within 6 months of graduation.
  • Based on the size of the average Moroccan household (4.6 persons), over 1,000 lives are positively impacted by a family member achieving a liveable income.
  • The private sector benefits from greater access to talent, stimulating competitiveness, growth and job creation.

Long-term strategy

EFE-Morocco is the country’s leading youth employment non-profit organization. Since 2007, it has trained over 47,000 young people (52% women) and placed 82% of its Job Training & Placement graduates in jobs at 390 multinational and local company partners.

By establishing a network that operates country-wide and securing key partnerships with several public institutions, EFE is working diligently to match businesses that need qualified employees with skilled young people that it equips with the skills to succeed on the job and in life.