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Strong farmers, vibrant communities


Strong farmers are the key to strong, vibrant rural communities. One Acre Fund serves smallholder farmers in Eastern Africa providing them a bundle of services, including improved seeds and fertilisers, financing, training and market facilitation. Building on the success of a previous grant that enabled over 390,000 Rwandan farmers to boost their income of $124 on average, we’re renewing our support to One Acre Fund for three more years, supporting their ambitious strategy to reach about 1.5 million farmers – and a third of the country’s smallholder families – by 2022.

Focus area
Sustainable Livelihoods and Ecosystems
One Acre Fund


More than 50 million smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa are locked in annual cycles of hunger because they’re unable to grow enough food to feed their families. Poor agronomic practices, lack of access to improved varieties of crops and fertilizers, and insufficient storage facilities and links to market opportunities are the main barriers to prevent farmers from getting the most out of their plots of land.


One Acre Fund provides smallholder farmers living in remote rural areas with access to improved seed, fertilizer and agricultural training, enabling them to improve their crop yields and quality of life within one growing season.
One Acre Fund has doubled its reach in Rwanda since we began supporting the organisation in late 2016, and is now serving 17% of the country’s population, ensuring better living conditions for over 2 million people, including 1 million children.

Expected results

Leveraging its core programme as well as private and public sector partnerships, One Acre Fund aims at pursuing a multi-level strategy to reach about 1.5 million farmers – and a third of the country’s smallholder families – by 2022, equipping them with the tools to permanently increase their farm productivity.

Long-term strategy

Scaling services that meet the farmers’ needs at a national level and therefore raising the productivity of a major segment of the Rwanda economy, will have a powerful macroeconomic impact. One Acre Fund plans to make a meaningful contribution to closing the yield gap for major staple crops. All this, while remaining focused on the farmer-level impacts: better harvests mean more food on the table, more money for children’s education, and ultimately, brighter futures.