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Saving lives and restoring dignity


Following the devastation to the Philippines caused by Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms in recorded history, Action Against Hunger (ACF) launched an immediate response to meet the most urgent needs of the affected populations. In the six months after the typhoon, ACF provided 200,000 people in the provinces of Leyte and Panay with clean water and safe sanitation.

Focus area
Emergency Response
Action Against Hunger

Results achieved

Typhoon Haiyan caused more than 6,000 deaths and severely affected the lives of 15 million people. The first phase of the Action Against Hunger (ACF) emergency response consisted in getting planes, trucks and in some cases helicopters to deliver therapeutic foods and hygiene kits. Clean water was brought in and water bladder systems installed, latrines were set up as interim sanitation solutions and programmes like ‘baby tents’ enabled mothers to breastfeed in a safe, comforting environment.
The Foundation’s support helped ACF to:

  • Distribute drinking water and water disinfection kits.
  • Set up mobile water treatment plants, water bladders for distributing clean water, and emergency pumps and filtration systems to ensure access to water.
  • Undertake drainage improvements in the evacuation centres to prevent the occurrence of water borne diseases.
  • Support local health centres to screen mothers and young children for malnutrition, and provide psychosocial and other care.

“The typhoon has cost parents in the community a lot. Without water, we can’t live in these areas. We are very grateful that in the past six months we were able to get help to resume our daily routines.”

Airam Palencia, head of the district of Sanmiguelay, Santa Fe, Leyte Island.

More information about Action Against Hunger emergency intervention is the Philippines.