Cartier Philanthropy - Safe sanitation to contain COVID-19

Safe sanitation to contain COVID-19


In terms of water and sanitation infrastructure, Haiti is the most underserved country in the Americas. At a time when hygiene and safe sanitation are the most effective measures for preventing the spread of COVID-19 we are supporting SOIL to deploy public toilet facilities to reach an estimated 218,000 users over six months.

Focus area
Emergency Response Access to Basic Services


The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented health crisis of global scale that is putting some of the world’s most advanced and well-resourced healthcare systems under enormous strain. To countries with already fragile health systems, the pandemic poses an additional concern, disproportionately affecting the poor and vulnerable.

When the crisis hit, Cartier Philanthropy provided immediate assistance to its own communities and simultaneously reached out to its partner organisations, granting them the necessary flexibility in terms of use of funds and reporting.

We granted additional support to those whose coordinated responses leveraged existing platforms, infrastructures and relationships.

Emergency response

Since 2006, SOIL has worked to provide lifesaving household sanitation services to families living in some of Haiti’s most under-resourced urban communities. As an essential service provider, today the organisation is on the frontlines of the national COVID-19 response. Leveraging regular client visits for educational purposes and the distribution of supplies, SOIL has a strong relationship with the government, which asked for its help in obtaining safety and outreach equipment to assist the national response.
We are in particular supporting them to deploy public toilet facilities in Cap-Haitien market areas as well as additional toilets at the HHA hospital’s COVID-19 area in Quartier Morin, with the aim of reaching an estimated 218,000 users over six months, ensuring the safe treatment of over 70 tons of human waste.