Cartier Philanthropy - Find a home, rebuild a life

Find a home, rebuild a life


CARE implemented a programme to provide safe and decent housing for Haitians still living in camps in the Port-au-Prince area three years after the 2010 earthquake. This programme brought camp residents and the owners of earthquake-damaged houses together, supporting the homeowners technically and financially to repair, improve and bring their accommodation into line with safe building standards in exchange for hosting displaced families. 517 families found a decent place to live and received training to improve their livelihoods. As a result, 8 refugee camps could be closed.

Focus area
Women’s Social and Economic Development Access to Basic Services

Results achieved

  • 517 families were relocated to safe houses with improved access to sanitation (241 through a retrofitted home model and 276 through a rent subsidy model) enabling 8 tent villages to be closed.
  • 492 families participated in hygiene promotion sessions.
  • 168 houses were retrofitted to safe building standards to host displaced families.
  • 142 sanitation facilities were built or repaired.
  • 1,746 individuals received specific training to start income-generating activities that allowed them to increase their earnings by 88%. They also each received a resettlement allowance of USD 150 to support the implementation of their business plans.
  • A total of 2,740 people benefitted from the programme.

“I really wanted to leave the camp. The water was not good and my son was always sick. Furthermore, the camp was very dirty. During the hygiene training I learnt that you have to boil water before using it to cook.”

Letitia, 36, mother of four, who left the Aujecad camp on 10th September 2014.

“I took part in the training to strengthen my little business. Before I only used to sell drinks. Now I also sell soap, sugar and mosquito repellents. Whatever is needed. I take real care of the quality of my products so my clients will be happy and come to me again.”

Angeline Jean, 30, mother of four, who lived in APEC2 camp for four years.