Championing girls’ quality education


Educate Girls works in the remote tribal communities of Rajasthan to boost girls’ school enrolment and attendance, promote girl-friendly education infrastructures, and advance learning outcomes. Through a unique transformational model that promotes community ownership for girls’ education, over the past three years, this programme successfully enrolled 37,500 girls in Rajsamand district, achieving a retention rate of 93.5%.

Focus area
Women’s Social and Economic Development Access to Basic Services
Educate Girls

Results achieved

In the remote tribal communities of Rajasthan, where only 1 out of 2 women can read or write and only 1 in every 100 girls reaches grade 5, Educate Girls is working to identify all out-of-school girls, increase their enrolment and retention, and improve the learning outcomes of all children. Educate Girls also works to empower girl students by facilitating training in “life skills” to their communication, leadership and problem-solving skills.

Educate Girls’ interventions are proving very successful:

  • 46,000 out-of-school girls were identified using existing government data as well as door-to-door surveys, and 37,500 of them (81.5%) were successfully enrolled in primary or lower secondary schools;
  • The girls’ enrolment rate is now asteady 93.5% (against a target of 85%).
  • 4,351 school management committees have been formed and reformed, and 24,590 members trained to improve school governance and increase the provision of more effective and girl-friendly infrastructures.
  • Over 20,300 girls are now equipped with enhanced leadership skills and problem-solving strategies
  • Teachers trained in Creative Learning and Teaching methods enabled an average increase of 26% - 46.9% in learning outcomes for Hindi, English and Maths.

Students learn through pictures and puzzles that help them find words, alphabet cutouts they can put together and other uncommon learning aids that whet their appetite for learning.

Following this initial grant, we continue to support Educate Girls through a crucial phase of expansion both in Rajsmand and Udaipur.