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Building a life of learning


In Madagascar, IECD and the Malagasy non-profit organisation PROMES are working to reduce the school drop-out rates of youths in the rural communities of Fianarantsoa region. Their joint programme establishes academic support centres that offer individual guidance to students, enabling them to enhance their learning and boost their personal development. After a successful three-year first grant, we are now co-funding five centres in the Fianarantsoa region which will provide guidance for a total of 430 pupils over three years.

Focus area
Access to Basic Services


Education levels in Madagascar are among the lowest in the world: 26% of children under 15 in the country are illiterate.

Moreover, education levels are not only low, but also vary considerably. In rural communities, just 19% of children go on to secondary school (compared with 37% in urban areas), and only 1% of them obtain a baccalaureate (Source: INSTAT).

The factors affecting school drop-out rates include poverty, the pupils’ distance from schools, a shortage of teachers and their lack of training. Many parents, overwhelmed by the challenges of coping from day to day, perceive few benefits in educating their children, often preferring to send them out to work instead.


Since 2006, IECD and the Malagasy non-profit organisation PROMES have been running six educational centres for children living in the extremely poor rural region of Fianarantsoa. Offering academic support, extracurricular activities, boarding school options and individual guidance, these centres provide pupils with a flourishing educational environment during their three years in upper secondary school, and then throughout their higher education. This helps them build a strong academic and emotional foundation on which to build a life of learning.

In parallel with this, training is given to lower secondary school teachers at partner establishments, and parent associations are created to involve mothers and fathers in the education of their children.

From 2017 to 2019, we co-funded three centres, located in Alakmisy-Itenina, Isorana and Alakmisy-Ambohimanan, empowering the education of 360 vulnerable pupils. Our support has now been extended to a further two centres, in Nasandratrony and Andranovorivato, and includes 11 partner establishments in the region.


Expected results

  • 430 pupils receive personal guidance, learn to work independently and gain the requisite competence in languages, science and literature;
  • 80% of them successfully pass their lower secondary school exams;
  • 45 lower secondary school teachers in partner schools improve the quality of their teaching to the benefit of a total of 1,430 pupils.

Long-term strategy

Since 2006, IECD and PROMES have worked with teachers, school administrators, communities and families to improve access to quality secondary education for children living in an extremely underserved area of Madagascar with very high drop-out rates. Thanks to the support of this joint programme, 10,000 students have been able to enhance their learning, boost their personal development and improve their academic success. The effectiveness of the programme has made it attractive to an increasingly diverse range of funding partners, paving the way for more sustainable and lasting impact.