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Bigger harvests, healthier families


Rwanda is home to more than 11 million people, many of whom are smallholder farmers. Assisting these farmers to increase their agricultural productivity is one of the most effective ways of lift them out of poverty and hunger. Between 2016 and 2019, One Acre Fund’s intervention provided 390,000 Rwandan farmers with a combination of supports, including improved seeds and fertilisers, financing, training and market facilitation. These services enabled them to increase their income by an average of $120 per year, ensuring better living conditions for over 2 million people.

Focus area
Sustainable Livelihoods and Ecosystems
One Acre Fund

Results achieved

Poor agronomic practices, lack of access to improved varieties of crops and fertilizers, and insufficient storage facilities and links to market opportunities can all prevent farmers from getting the most out of their land. Rwanda’s farmers suffer from all these problems, resulting in cereal yields that are significantly lower than the global average at 1.5 tons per hectare compared with 3 tons in Asia and Latin America.

One Acre Fund provides smallholder farmers living in remote rural areas with access to improved seed, fertilizer and agricultural training, enabling them to improve their crop yields and quality of life within one growing season.

One Acre Fund has doubled its reach in Rwanda since we began supporting the organisation in late 2016, and is now serving 17% of the country’s population, ensuring better living conditions for over 2 million people, including 1 million children.

Between 2016 and 2019, One Acre Fund teams:

  • Trained 390,000 Rwandan farmers (substantially exceeding their target of 236,000 farmers). Nearly 50% of them were women. Our own support has directly enabled the enrolment of 41,000 Rwandan families, including 108,000 children.
  • Generated an average annual income increase of $120 per farming family.
  • Achieved a 98.6% micro-loan repayment rate (exceeding the 97% target in testimony to the farmers’ strong satisfaction and the benefits of the flexible repayment procedure offered).
  • Organised over 60 in-field training sessions on a range of climate-smart agricultural and crop storage techniques to help boost farmers’ yields and respond to the spread of the devastating maize pest known as “Fall Armyworm”.

Moreover, One Acre Fund teams have built positive working relationships with Rwanda’s national and local government officials over the years. In recognition of this exciting trajectory, we will be funding One Acre Fund for a three further years.

“With our rapidly growing network of self-sufficient Rwandan farmers, our work shows that sustainable intensification – improving agricultural productivity on existing farm plots – is a key lever in empowering African countries to grow their way out of hunger and into prosperity.”

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