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Gender equity and male engagement

We asked the International Center for Research on Women to conduct a research on the field of male engagement. This report is the result.

Urgences au bout du monde - AMREF Flying Doctors

Africa’s leading public health NGO provides surgical aid in remote areas. A TV-series follows the work of the “flying doctors”.

Educate Girls wins the Audacious Project

In a visionary TED Talk Safeena Husain, founder of Educate Girls, shares her plan to enrol a staggering 1.6 million girls in school over the next five years.

Women and social enterprises

Produced by Acumen and ICRW, a new report encourages the promotion of gender equality through social enterprise.

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Check out our Media Fact Sheet for key information on Cartier Philanthropy, our Mission, Vision, core areas of intervention and more.