09 Jul 2020

When audacity wins

Hat tip to our partner organisations BRAC and One Acre Fund for winning this year’s Audacious Prize, joining our other grantees, Living Goods and Educate Girls as award winners. We couldn’t be prouder!

09 Dec 2019

A new approach to marine conservation

In his new TED talk visionary marine biologist Alasdair Harris offers a surprising solution to the problem of overfishing and reflects on the lives of people whose survival depends on fishing.

22 Apr 2018

Small & smart

Myanmar small farm’s development is key to reduce poverty and mitigate climate risks. In the last three years, our partner GRET worked closely with smallholder farmers in the Dry Zone, an arid region in the centre of the country.

07 Jul 2017

Water turned into gold!

Faced with severe climatic constraints, small farmers in Myanmar’s Dry Zone adopt tried-and-tested agricultural techniques to fight erosion, and improve water and soil conservation. One of these farmers, U Win Bo, tells us his story.

04 Apr 2017

Close-up on Peruvian miners

Solidaridad has been working in Peru with medium-scale mine Minera Yanaquiha to improve both miners’ working conditions and livelihoods. A recent video shows the remarkable progress achieved in the last two years.

28 Jun 2016

Fancy a coffee?

How our new partner Root Capital is helping Peruvian agricultural enterprises to become local economic engines, transforming smallholder farmers and their communities in the process.

25 Sep 2015

New seeds for Guatemala

In this interview Curt Bowen, cofounder of ‘Semilla Nueva’ and one of the social entrepreneurs receiving support from our partnership with Ashoka, explains his road map to address root causes of Guatemala’s rural poverty.

25 Feb 2015

Reaching the last mile with SMS

Ashoka Fellow Liisa Petrykowska explains why equipping small farmers in tropical zones with accurate weather forecasts can positively change their lives and how she founded Ignitia along the way.