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05 Dec 2021

Helping Afghans at home and away

With the Taliban takeover, the situation for the Afghan population continues to deteriorate. As winter approaches, rural communities will soon be isolated. We’re supporting three humanitarian organisations to ensure Afghans can access their basic needs inside and outside their homeland.

04 Nov 2021

COVID-19: Not yet out of the woods

As the world recovers tentatively from the worst of the pandemic, any notion of “normality” still seems nebulous. Which is why we’re continuing to provide emergency funds for partner organizations that are ensuring critical needs are addressed and no one is left behind.

27 Sep 2021

Responding to famine in southern Madagascar

Madagascar is experiencing its worst drought in 40 years; sandstorms and an outbreak of migratory locusts have caused an almost total disappearance of food sources, leaving many facing severe hunger. Medair is providing emergency relief to the most affected.

27 Sep 2021

Supporting mass vaccination in Lebanon

To support the government in fighting a renewed COVID-19 crisis, Medair is managing one of Lebanon’s 5 mass vaccination centres and supporting 5 health clinics in the Bekaa area.

19 Aug 2021

Everything changed, much remained the same

The coronavirus hit Hand in Hand in much the same way it hit everyone else: like nothing ever seen before. So what surprised them most was perhaps just how much remained the same even as everything changed. Our latest #unexpected article.

20 Jul 2021

Focusing on needs, not fear

Room to Read began 2020 with the promise of celebration as its 1,600 staff members around the world approached the major milestone of supporting 20 million children during its 20th anniversary year. Then the pandemic struck. The third episode of our series #unexpected.

06 Jul 2021

Light in dark times

COVID-19 was a stress test at all levels. It hit us as individuals, societies and organisations. Our new #unexpected series explores this unprecedented time through our grantees’ eyes, mapping the terrain of the unplanned possibilities it revealed.

17 Jun 2021

Our COVID-19 emergency support for India

To respond to the devastating wave of COVID-19 outbreak that is ravaging India, we are stepping up our support to the emergency response of two long-standing partner organisations, Médecins Sans Frontières and Educate Girls.

14 Apr 2021

Combating COVID-19 worldwide

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the sprint to respond to the global health crisis has turned into a marathon. This is a tribute to the decisive work of the organisations we’ve been funding worldwide to assist those most in need.

04 Nov 2020

We must do something

In the days immediately following a disaster the pull to take action and give is compelling. However, in the confusion and uncertainty following a disaster, any rush to action can end up doing more harm than good.