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26 Mar 2021

The power of choice

Contraceptives are known to be the greatest life-saving, poverty-ending, women-empowering innovation created. Control over pregnancy gives women control of their lives. This is Dial Faye’s story.

24 Mar 2021

Data science solutions for social challenges

For leaders looking to create data science systems to amplify their impact, our partner IDinsight offers three tips to keep in mind. We close our Driven By Data series with a bang.

22 Mar 2021

The Palace of strong women

When women pool their entrepreneurial resources, talents, courage and hopes, they don’t just build something economically sound. They also take the first step out of isolation and reshape dominant and discriminatory mindsets.

15 Mar 2021

Predicting needs to target care

Is it possible to use data modelling to leverage the data collected by community health workers and predict households likely to need urgent care?
Living Goods is doing it and it works.

10 Mar 2021

The empowering journey of education

If we want to dismantle the architecture of inequality and discrimination, we need to address its multiple layers, supporting women and girls in their fight to gain the places that are theirs by rights. It all starts with educating a girl.

16 Feb 2021

Navigating access

Data science can significantly increase the impact of development programmes simply by optimising them.Two good examples of that are provided by our partners PIVOT in Madagascar and SOIL in Haiti.

11 Feb 2021

Helping girls stay in education

School-based healthcare is helping girls stay in education and authorities in Zambia fight COVID-19. Lonnie Hackett, President of Healthy Learners explains us how.

25 Jan 2021

Putting refugees on the map

Medair was the first organisation to deploy Geographic Information System technology to map refugee settlement locations in Lebanon, enabling a more effective and timely coordination of on-the-ground assistance across various aid agencies.

18 Jan 2021

The predictive power of machine learning

Machine learning uses data, usually in large quantities, and statistical algorithms to predict something that isn’t known. The first article of our Driven By Data series explores how machine-learning models inform Educate Girls’ expansion strategy.

15 Jan 2021

Joining forces to end extreme poverty

The key to ending extreme poverty could be in our reach. It comes from a globally validated proof of concept: a “Graduation” approach pioneered by BRAC in Bangladesh and now adopted and adapted by many organisations, several of whom are our partners.