When audacity wins

Hat tip to our partner organisations BRAC and One Acre Fund for winning this year’s Audacious Prize, joining our other grantees, Living Goods and Educate Girls as award winners. We couldn’t be prouder!

The Audacious Project is a collaborative funding initiative that every year researches, selects and funds bold and bright solutions with the potential to create measurable social change at a thrilling global scale.

Previous editions had already rewarded two of our partners, Living Goods in 2018 and Educate Girls in 2019.

This year’s edition recognised BRAC and One Acre Fund, other two long-standing partners of Cartier Philanthropy, for their innovative ideas in fighting poverty.

 Audacious funding will see BRAC take their highly successful Ultra-poverty Graduation Programme to new heights, lifting 21 million people out of poverty across eight countries by 2026.

As a second time prize winner, One Acre Fund will be able to expand their agricultural services to around 5 million farm families every year for six years, shaping a sustainable green revolution and unleashing a powerful catalyst for ending global poverty.