Keep Kids Learning

25 Sep 2020

Joining the COVID-19 global relief response in our own communities, we supported DonorsChoose’s initiative Keep Kids Learning as teachers and students in the US transitioned to home learning.

Millions of students and teachers are returning to classrooms around the world, embarking on a uniquely challenging school year after months of staying home in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Opening schools is a step toward normalcy in a changed world, where masks, disinfectant, temperature checks and other precautions are becoming a core part of the school day.

Reopenings in the United States have come in different shapes and sizes, but with the majority of establishments opting to carry on with remote learning.
As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we supported DonorsChoose’s Keep Kids Learning initiative which has brought 409 distance learning projects to life, vetting and funding educational resources specifically identified by teachers nationwide and shipping the funded supplies directly to students at home.

Whether they received iPads protective cases or simple notebooks, library books, markers, individual whiteboards or arts supplies, over 35,600 students are now sure to successfully pursue their education journey, in an incredibly difficult time for families.

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