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Visions of resurgence

Beset by crisis after crisis triggered by natural hazards or political instability, women in developing countries are joining hands to combat poverty. Their only weapons: solidarity and saving.

Portraits of five women show how saving is a powerful driver of development

The backdrop is the urban jungle of Port-au-Prince (Haiti). The scene is the Carrefour district that was ravaged by the 2010 earthquake. Now meet 57-year-old Micheline Exantus Hilaire, who has led the local savings association Fanm Vanyan (valiant women in Creole) since 2012. Thanks to a loan granted by the association, she has been able to start up a clothes making business. Today, the women in the association have come together to celebrate the end of a savings cycle and distribute the profit, totalling 130,970 gourdes or approximately €2,240.

Micheline glows : "We set up a saving and credit system withouth bothering the bank or the State! Look what we've done. It's extraordinary. We can smile again!".

Micheline Exantus Hilaire, 57 years

Micheline’s story is one of five portraits of women presented in the interactive web documentary “Femmes Lumière”, directed by Cyril Le Tourneur and Vincent Bonnemazou, and produced in partnership with the non-governmental organisation CARE France thanks to the support, among others, of Cartier Philanthropy.

Travelling to Haiti, the Ivory Coast, Cambodia, Madagascar and Bangladesh, we meet Micheline, Philomène, Sroab, Dorcas and Sumitra, who tell us their stories, their dreams and the challenges their communities face every day. And as they tell their stories, we learn of the progress made thanks to their Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA), how their living conditions and standing in their communities have improved. Their economic empowerment is a major factor in social cohesion and political stability, and a powerful driver of development in the present and future.

Listening to these five women’s inspiring stories helps us appreciate the role micro-saving plays in the fight against poverty.

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