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22 Jul 2021

Resilience in action

In a year when many businesses closed around the world, 99% of BOMA’s women entrepreneurs grew their income and profits. Their businesses diversified and evolved, while the women learned the power of their own resilience. More on BOMA’s #unexpected.

20 Jul 2021

Focusing on needs, not fear

Room to Read began 2020 with the promise of celebration as its 1,600 staff members around the world approached the major milestone of supporting 20 million children during its 20th anniversary year. Then the pandemic struck. The third episode of our series #unexpected.

14 Jul 2021

In fear, we found “ubuntu”

The shockwaves of COVID-19 have been keenly felt through all 10 countries where mothers2mothers’ 1,800 Mentor Mothers work. However, amidst the uncertainty and fear, mothers2mothers also found unexpected silver linings.

06 Jul 2021

Light in dark times

COVID-19 was a stress test at all levels. It hit us as individuals, societies and organisations. Our new #unexpected series explores this unprecedented time through our grantees’ eyes, mapping the terrain of the unplanned possibilities it revealed.

17 Jun 2021

Our COVID-19 emergency support for India

To respond to the devastating wave of COVID-19 outbreak that is ravaging India, we are stepping up our support to the emergency response of two long-standing partner organisations, Médecins Sans Frontières and Educate Girls.

20 Apr 2021

Entering a man’s world

“My advice to everybody is that no one is incapable of doing something”. Cecilia, winner of The Artisan of the Year Award 2020, uses these words to explain what happens when women cross path with Buildher, a Kenyan social enterprise that fosters the entry of marginalised women in the construction industry.

14 Apr 2021

Combating COVID-19 worldwide

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the sprint to respond to the global health crisis has turned into a marathon. This is a tribute to the decisive work of the organisations we’ve been funding worldwide to assist those most in need.

26 Mar 2021

The power of choice

Contraceptives are known to be the greatest life-saving, poverty-ending, women-empowering innovation created. Control over pregnancy gives women control of their lives. This is Dial Faye’s story.

24 Mar 2021

Data science solutions for social challenges

For leaders looking to create data science systems to amplify their impact, our partner IDinsight offers three tips to keep in mind. We close our Driven By Data series with a bang.

22 Mar 2021

The Palace of strong women

When women pool their entrepreneurial resources, talents, courage and hopes, they don’t just build something economically sound. They also take the first step out of isolation and reshape dominant and discriminatory mindsets.