10 Jul 2019

School meals for refugee integration

We have been supporting WFP’s school meals initiative in Mozambique, Burkina Faso and Burundi since 2014. We recently committed to an original initiative in Jordan, called “Healthy Kitchens”.

11 Mar 2019

Cartier Philanthropy turns five!

We have been quite busy in the past few months celebrating Cartier Philanthropy’s 5th anniversary. While we recognise that five years is a short time, we really wanted to mark the occasion.

29 Jan 2019

Equipping students for life

“Don’t sit on the skills you’ve learned. Go out and practice them!” is one of the Educate! mottos. And it works: former Educate! students are around 50% more likely to find a job and 44% more likely to own a business.

22 Apr 2018

Small & smart

Myanmar small farm’s development is key to reduce poverty and mitigate climate risks. In the last three years, our partner GRET worked closely with smallholder farmers in the Dry Zone, an arid region in the centre of the country.

09 Apr 2018

It only works when everyone plays

The International Center for Research on Women’s new study on male engagement to foster gender equity was officially launched in Washington D.C. mid-February.
The Report and Executive Summary are already accessible.

19 Feb 2018

How mothers help mothers

Watch how our partner mothers2mothers trains and employs HIV-positive mothers to help other women infected with the virus, educating and supporting them through pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood.

21 Sep 2017

Rethinking Philanthropy

Rethinking Philanthropy. Can philanthropy bridge the development gap? The topic will be debated during a one-day conference held in Geneva on 12th October 2017. We are one of the strategic sponsors.

07 Jul 2017

Water turned into gold!

Faced with severe climatic constraints, small farmers in Myanmar’s Dry Zone adopt tried-and-tested agricultural techniques to fight erosion, and improve water and soil conservation. One of these farmers, U Win Bo, tells us his story.

04 Apr 2017

Close-up on Peruvian miners

Solidaridad has been working in Peru with medium-scale mine Minera Yanaquiha to improve both miners’ working conditions and livelihoods. A recent video shows the remarkable progress achieved in the last two years.

26 Sep 2016

Teaching the teachers

The beginning of September brings a new school term to millions of children around the world. But going to school is one thing, while the quality of education you receive there is another.