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How the Foundation allocates grants and funding

Cartier Philanthropy awards grants to non-profit organizations that are impact-driven, excel in their fields of expertise, share our values of trust, integrity and respect and whose programmes are aligned with our core funding areas: women’s social and economic development, access to basic services, responsible management of natural resources and emergency response. (link to foundation page).

We actively reach out to partners at our own initiative, targeting organisations that have proven their approach works. Irrespective of whether they are NGOs, social entrepreneurs or UN agencies, our funding is directed towards those able to show the short-, medium- and long-term changes that their actions have enabled in the lives of those served.

Submissions of proposals are by invitation only.

Examples of areas we do not fund:

  • Programmes addressing issues that are outside the scope of our mission
  • Direct donations or grants to individuals
  • Programmes addressing problems in developed countries