23 Feb 2016

A surgeon for disadvantaged children

In Senegal, there is fewer than 1 doctor for every 10,000 people. Dr Dior N’diaye is one of them. This 37-year-old woman, is a paediatric surgeon who volunteered to take part in the surgical outreach missions set up by AMREF.

12 Feb 2016

Taking control in adversity

“My name is Padma. I’m 21 years old and I live in a small village in Pali District, Rajasthan, India. My journey so far, notwithstanding my youth, has been filled with harsh realities – things I never expected could happen to me.”

02 Feb 2016

Helena’s fruits of resilience

Discover the inspiring story of one of the champions of WFP’s school feeding programmes in Mozambique. We met her during a field mission and will never be able to forget her endurance, strength and courage.

20 Nov 2015

Lessons on microfinance

A growing body of literature looks at how microfinance activities impact the target populations, reaching sometimes vastly divergent conclusions. Proceedings of a workshop sponsored by Cartier Philanthropy are on line.

16 Nov 2015

Earthquake recovery continues in Nepal

Seven months into the relief operations after the devastating earthquake that stroke Nepal on April this year, the emergency response is turning into the long-term recovery phase, helping communities get back on their feet.

26 Oct 2015

Stories of hope and transformation

Discover our newly published Annual Report, explore how Cartier Philanthropy is addressing the areas we care about most and read interviews and stories that reveal the sense of what we’re trying to achieve.

16 Oct 2015

Investing in women

A new report released today and produced in partnership with Cartier Philanthropy encourage entrepreneurs, impact investors and philanthropists to promote gender equality through social enterprise.

13 Oct 2015

Growing gardens in Burkina Faso

“Before the programme started I just ate beans” says Ouoaba Pouguidiba, president of the women’s cooperative in the rural village of Birmanga. “Then Action Against Hunger explained us the importance of having a garden.”

25 Sep 2015

New seeds for Guatemala

In this interview Curt Bowen, cofounder of ‘Semilla Nueva’ and one of the social entrepreneurs receiving support from our partnership with Ashoka, explains his road map to address root causes of Guatemala’s rural poverty.

04 Sep 2015

Deep into water in Stockholm

On 27 August, Cartier Philanthropy attended World Water Week, the world’s most important annual meeting on water and development issues, organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute.