21 Sep 2017

Rethinking Philanthropy

Rethinking Philanthropy. Can philanthropy bridge the development gap? The topic will be debated during a one-day conference held in Geneva on 12th October 2017. We are one of the strategic sponsors.

07 Jul 2017

Water turned into gold!

Faced with severe climatic constraints, small farmers in Myanmar’s Dry Zone adopt tried-and-tested agricultural techniques to fight erosion, and improve water and soil conservation. One of these farmers, U Win Bo, tells us his story.

04 Apr 2017

Close-up on Peruvian miners

Solidaridad has been working in Peru with medium-scale mine Minera Yanaquiha to improve both miners’ working conditions and livelihoods. A recent video shows the remarkable progress achieved in the last two years.

26 Sep 2016

Teaching the teachers

The beginning of September brings a new school term to millions of children around the world. But going to school is one thing, while the quality of education you receive there is another.

28 Jun 2016

Fancy a coffee?

How our new partner Root Capital is helping Peruvian agricultural enterprises to become local economic engines, transforming smallholder farmers and their communities in the process.

09 Jun 2016

Tostan’s spark

How do you empower people to change? When communities decide for themselves that the time is right to change.This is the beauty of the Tostan approach and of their programme in Senegal.

21 Mar 2016

Why does water matter?

Yes, why does it matter? That may seem like a silly question, because of course it matters! Today, on World Water Day 2016, we want to highlight the role clean water plays in health, education and livelihoods.

23 Feb 2016

A surgeon for disadvantaged children

In Senegal, there is fewer than 1 doctor for every 10,000 people. Dr Dior N’diaye is one of them. This 37-year-old woman, is a paediatric surgeon who volunteered to take part in the surgical outreach missions set up by AMREF.

12 Feb 2016

Taking control in adversity

“My name is Padma. I’m 21 years old and I live in a small village in Pali District, Rajasthan, India. My journey so far, notwithstanding my youth, has been filled with harsh realities – things I never expected could happen to me.”

02 Feb 2016

Helena’s fruits of resilience

Discover the inspiring story of one of the champions of WFP’s school feeding programmes in Mozambique. We met her during a field mission and will never be able to forget her endurance, strength and courage.