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Luminos Fund

Luminos is dedicated to ensuring that one day, no child will ever be denied the chance to go to school. But today, one in ten children in the world aren’t even getting to primary school.
In the Second Chance program, children who have been kept out of school cover three grades of curriculum in one, intense year, and then continue their studies at their local village school. This model has enabled over 104,000 children to get a second chance at an education.
Luminos was incubated by the Legatum Foundation, the private foundation of the New Zealand entrepreneur Christopher Chandler. Launched as a stand-alone NGO in 2016, it has scaled its initial work in Ethiopia to Liberia and Lebanon.
The impact of Luminos work has been recognized internationally. In 2017, Luminos was acknowledged with two global awards: the WISE Awards from the Qatar Foundation, and the HundrED Global Innovations Awards (awarded again in 2018).

Luminos Fund

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