Our Commitment


mothers2mothers (m2m) is an Africa-based NGO that unlocks the potential of mothers and their families to eliminate paediatric AIDS and create healthy families and communities. m2m trains, employs, and empowers local women living with HIV, called Mentor Mothers, as frontline healthcare workers in understaffed health centres and within communities.
Formerly marginalised and disempowered by their HIV status, Mentor Mothers are professionalised, employed, and economically independent, fighting stigma and discrimination by example, becoming role models and leaders in their communities. m2m’s scalable, high-impact peer approach has proven to reduce mother-to-child transmission rates and achieve better health outcomes, while also creating significant savings through averted HIV treatment costs.
Since the founding at one Cape Town hospital in 2001, m2m has become a leader in global efforts to end paediatric AIDS, reaching nearly 1.5 million HIV-positive women in nine African countries.


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