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Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world, continually exposed to extensive damage from drought, flooding and tropical cyclones due to its geographical location and topography. The island has been struck by 14 cyclones since 2007, impacting the lives of 3.5 million people. In 2013, the island faced its worst ever locust plague, which hampered agricultural production and threatened food security. The increasing fragility of the ecosystem due to deforestation and poor land management is a cause of increased vulnerability to shocks and related food insecurity. Deforestation has become a major concern: 85% of Madagascar’s rainforests have been lost due to the use of wood and charcoal for cooking, and to slash and burn agricultural practices. (Sources: UNICEF 2017; UNDP 2018; World Bank 2017; UNAIDS 2017)

total population (thousands)
GNI per capita
Life expectancy at birth
66 years
Human Development Index
161 (out of 189)
Under-5 mortality rate
Primary school net enrolment
Adult HIV prevalence (% of the population)
People of all ages living with HIV (thousands)
improved access to safe water (% of the population)
moderate-severe underweight (% children under-5)

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